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Ajna Urban Yoga studio etiquette

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

If you are new to yoga there are things that you may not know about the etiquette of a yoga studio. Here are some basic yoga studio etiquette rules that apply not just at Ajna Urban Yoga but at most studios.....

1) most yogis take their yoga to heart. It's their time to wind down and get their mind, body and spirit aligned. That does not mean that yoga has to be so serious that a yogi cannot smile or ask a question but in general a quiet voice and a simple question is fine.

2) if you are not 10 minutes early..... you are already late. 😳

3) if you are more than 3 minutes past the start time of a class, it is your personal responsibility to skip class because your mindset and warm up are already behind the curve.

4) Once you have entered the yoga space do your best to center yourself and minimize talking to other students or carrying on with a loud voice. (remember its everyone's yoga practice.)

5) shoes are taken off before entering the practice floor.

6) Come to yoga class with a neutral mindset. If your day was bad or you feel out of sorts then use that time to meditate in class. There are 2 practices in yoga. 1) asana 2) meditation both are yoga so trust your body, mind and intuition to guide you.

7) ask yoga questions before or after class unless you feel unsafe in a pose. The language of yoga takes a few months to learn, so be patient, you will get it. And it will become your personal sanctuary.

See you on the yoga floor🙏

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